Our Guarantee

No matter what you buy from us, we want you to be completely happy with what you receive, so we provide a guarantee designed to protect you in the unlikely event you’re not.

We have built our business on providing top quality products and excellent service to each and every customer that purchases from us and every member of our team strive to do just that.

However, if at any time we do not deliver what you expected, or in the unlikely event that any item arrives damaged or incomplete, please tell us immediately so that we can sort it out for you quickly.

We offer a 30 day guarantee on all plants apart from plug plants, bedding plants, bulbs and seeds. You can request a refund or replacement within 30 days from receipt of your goods. 

All hard goods are covered by a 30 day guarantee, unless specified on the product page where an extended manufacturer’s guarantee may supersede our own.

You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via email - we will normally get back to you within 1 working day of receipt of your message, although please allow an extra day during busy periods. Please do not return any goods to us unless we specifically request you to do so. Our guarantee in no way affects your statutory rights.

In the unlikely event that you have an issue or problem of any sort whilst dealing with us, please make sure you let us know at [email protected]

If you do need to get in touch, please Contact Us

Many thanks for your custom and support!

Kind regards