The affiliate programme gives you the chance to earn money as a result of your online promotions!

Why Should I Join?

  1. We offer a very competitive commission rate and we reward our most successful affiliates with an ever better offer. Below is the full details of our Commission Structure:
    • 10% commission for the first 25 orders each month
    • 11% commission for between 26 and 50 orders each month
    • 12% commission for between 51 and 99 orders each month
    • 15% commission for 100 orders or more each month
    • We also offer a cookie length of 45 days to all of our affiliates
  2. We are growing all the time, both as an overall online store, but also as an affiliate program as we regularly alert you to our best promotions and offers that will benefit us, yourselves and the customer.

  3. At Lead The Good Life we are flexible and dedicated with our affiliate program and regularly put together exclusive offers with our partners to help increase the chances of some high sales returns for our affiliates.

  4. It is completely free to join and get involved with our affiliate program! Why not give it a go? You really have nothing to lose…

How to Join?

Follow the below link to sign up to Affiliate Window and you can join our programme straight away.

There is also more to learn about how our affiliate program works by following this link to our profile page on Affiliate Window.

If you have any more queries about this then please send an email at [email protected].